Top 7 Online Casino Games

Have you ever tried online gambling? If not, then you seriously don’t know exactly what you are missing out on. In recent times we are witnessing a mass exodus of folks who used to enjoy this great way of unwinding and relaxing your mind after confronting all the undue hassles and bustles that are part and parcel of everyday living.

One of the major reasons why more people are opting to log into their computers from the comfort of their home and get to relieve the same exact experience is to avoid all the hassles that come from having to travel for massive distances and wasting scarce resources just to gamble in a real-life casino.

As you and I are well aware the internet id filled with truths and half-truths all masquerading as the ultimate Holy Grail you will need to succeed and make millions on the particular game but in reality we now know the better. Today we are going to be talking about the top casino games as of 2012.Let us know if you agree with our list or you don’t agree with it and give us your reasons for your stand.


This is undoubtedly the most poplar game out there. Tracing its humble origins way back in the seventeenth century it has continued to be a favorite pass time for millions across the world. Also known as game twenty one it comes with simple rules and regulations that practically anyone from a kid to a grown up can understand with great ease. This game is common in charity events. It can either be played for plain old fun and entertainment and it can be used to earn pros some real cash.


This is the leading dice game and just like blackjack it is easy to understand how to play it and this has once more contributed to its popularity all over the world.


It would be a safe bet to declare that every one who is reading this casino review knew about slots way before they even walked into the doors of an actual casino. This is one game that has been popularized by the media, especially in the Hollywood blockbusters where we are often exposed to never ending imagery of glossy casinos filled with machines which are operated by inserting tokens. Once you insert a token the different pictures or numbers move up and if they are matching when the machine comes to a rest then you have won a jackpot which can run into the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


No one really needs any introduction to this ancient, wildly beloved card game which is enjoyed both in the safety and comfort of our warm abodes, in the Las Vegas casinos and also on many online platforms too.


Roulette is a game of probabilities and chances. The small white ball swirls round and round and if you are lucky it will land on a red or a black numbered spot and if your instinct or solid strategy had made you to place your money on the same exact spot then you win. Many people claim that they would rather play European roulette on any given day than play the American version. Learn many viable roulette systems that will drastically improve your chances of winning round after round.


Keno is another chance game that has become a global casino game in recent times. The good thing about chance or opportunity games is that no one can manipulate the outcome, in other words, in a field filled with scams and ploys, this are games which have proven to be fool-proof. This lets you simply go on enjoying yourself and having a jolly ol’ good time without worrying that your partners are going to rob or deceive you in any way.


This is another game which has been growing and expanding its wings to many more regions. As is often the case even with the other games, baccarat rules will vary from place to place and you needed to first familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the game in your locality before you actually place a real-life bet.

Online Blackjack Bonus

Here’s a practice carried out so routinely that it’s just about a standard throughout the online gaming industry. It benefits new players right away. It’s a blackjack bonus: some sort of cash incentive offered to new online casino players to entice them to join a website. This is the most effective way to entice a new player to come on board. The website is basically giving players free cash to use for practice before the players start feeling comfortable enough to use their own money.

Just about every casino game is weighted in the casino’s favor, and most players know that. To counteract this, online casinos motivate people to join through the use of very large europa casino bonus. Blackjack, however, is one of the games where the house’s edge is the smallest, therefore the bonus rewards are harder to find. Do not despair: although Blackjack bonuses may be fewer, so much competition exists online for your gaming dollars, that you’ll still find Blackjack bonuses without much effort.

A blackjack bonus, also referred to as a welcome bonus, is a cashable dollar amount of money that an online website will place into an account you’ve created. You’ll have to do whatever the site requires to meet their eligibility, and that varies from site to site. Requirements commonly include a specific number of wagers that you must make before you can cash out. Most sites will do a 100% match of your deposit up to a specific dollar amount – say up to $200.00 for example When you’ve qualified for a cash Blackjack bonus, you can use it to start playing the game. If you do happen to win cash, you can withdraw winnings with the bonus included (based on the website terms. No online casino is just going to give you money that you withdraw, put in your pocket and are never heard from again). Another type of bonus you may run into is called a “sticky bonus.” This bonus allows you to play with the “house money,” but you don’t technically get to keep it. If you play a few hands of blackjack tips, you win a tidy sum and you want to cash out, whatever your sticky bonus was is deducted from your winnings.

Sticky bonuses are intended to get you started. You won’t be penalized if you lose it all, but neither are you rewarded bonus cash for playing with the online casino’s money. These bonuses are adapted to bringing in new clientele. However, once you’re in, you may find another type of blackjack bonus that’s offered that is specific to blackjack. This bonus is based on odds, as opposed to getting free money. Depending on website rules and variations, the basic idea follows: If the first two cards dealt are from the same suit, you’ll get an additional payout. That’s to say: if your first to cards are both cards from “hearts” suit, you’ll get a payout of about 5-2. You get this bonus whether you win the hand or not. Say you get an Ace and a Jack of spades. That’s an additional payout of 50-1. You’ll find other combinations besides these examples, but you’ll want to read the website details to see if bonuses like these are offered, and what you need to do to qualify to earn them.